To the Sea Lions from ’Sunnyvale’ to ‘Village of LA Jolla’ 🇺🇲

Place: San Diego

Location: Village of LA Jolla, San Diego, California, U.S.A

Physically, our idea is not to see the ’Sea Lions’ but it happened Virtually.

I have been to US couple of times🕐🕙🕧, never I haven’t seen surrounding site seeing places. Whenever I am here, it’s only for a couple of days or weeks So, I didn’t either have time 🕰 or have vehicle 🚘 to explore.


But, last time when I was here, met my old school🚶🏻 friend 👬 ‘Madhur’ after 14 years as he came to know that I am here, travelling for 2hrs. Thanks to Madhur due to you I have seen this…. and met a few friends.

On 2016 29th April around at 6Pm from Sunnyvale we (I & Madhur) started to San Diego from sunnyvale, It was a really great trip never I have gone this type.

The journey was really great the ups ⏫ and downs ⏬ of the road, the hundred acres of farming 🌾🌾 field, the land of vast barren land🏞,  the crowd of buffalos 🐮 🐄 🐃 🐂 gathered, they do know that they were for slaughte…etc. On the way we stopped at rest points and had our dinner😋. It took almost 6~7hrs to reach our destination.

By the way entire driving 🚘 was done my him👱🏻, that too we are only two people in the car. Thanks to him for not giving driving to me, if given and in any case cop as caught me and do know what is going to happen to me or to my passport.


Santosh Kalanadhabatta

Reached ‘camden parkside apartments’ where we met ‘Santosh Kalanadhabatta’ he is roommate of Madhur. Took a small nap😴, woke up and went to ‘Vista Del Plaza Apartments’ to meet one more🚶🏻.

We all four 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 had a lunch at ‘Chennai Tiffins’ and started to ‘La Jolla Cover’ site place and had a good time in the car even though I was not much talkative 👨 the other two mingled with me easily, And we spend time on sea shore and  ‘Living Room Coffeehouse’.

There were many ‘Sea Lions’ resting on sea shore. The moment I saw, felt like “huge elephants gathered”. The male bigger ones are less aggressive and female bigger ones are not allowing to touch their cubs. The view of clump of sea lions looks as if there were “huge elephants gathered”.

On 1st May back to Sunnyvale. From camden apartments, went to El Paseo at The Village of Foothill Ranch of Brookfield Residential where we met… Sashi, she is from my village 🏡 got married and settled here, thanks to her hospitality and yummy Biryani. On the way we stopped at the place ’Vaquero Beach At Pyramid Lake’ it was mainted my old people who retired from their services, great to hear that even after retirement doing these nature supportive acts, the place was calm and pleasant, it’s very nice place to spend and for fishing. But, fishing is banned here.

Once gain I thank 🙏🏽 Madhur and other two, made few memories.

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